I was born in Bucharest, Romania, on the 4th of July 1983.

I started to study music at 7 years old, my mother being the one who guided my steps towards the musical studies, being a musician herself. I began with piano and music theory classes at the No. 4 School of Music in Bucharest, continuing later in the George Enescu Music High School from the same city.

Upon finishing the high school, I started to study music composition in the University of Music of the Romanian capital, in the composition class teached by Doina Rotaru.

ISI Denpasar

ISI Denpasar

After my graduation in 2006, I received a scholarship from the government of the Republic of Indonesia, that granted me the opportunity to study the traditional music of the Island of Bali, in the Institute of Arts from Bali (ISI Denpasar), where I learned the principles and techniques upon which the Balinese music is constructed.

When I returned to Romania I continued my studies in the University of Music from Bucharest, obtaining my Master Degree in “Style and Language in Music Composition” in 2009, once again under the guidance of the composer Doina Rotaru.

In 2010 I married Ni Made Pradnyani Dewi, the Balinese dancer that I met while I was a student in Bali, learning the Gamelan music in the same University where she was studying the traditional Balinese dance (ISI Denpasar).

Being very interested in the Balinese traditions, as well as the history of the Island, I gathered important knowledge that allowed me to be recruited first as leader of the Gamelan group of the Indonesian Embassy in Bratislava, Slovakia, and later as Local Staff in the Culture Department of the same institution, where I was employed between 2010 and 2013. Beside teaching the Indonesian traditional music to the orchestra members, my duties also included promoting the rich culture of the biggest archipelago country in the world which is Indonesia, through various ways such as exhibitions, spectacles, concerts, in different cities in the Slovak Republic such as Bratislava, Nitra, Kosice, and so on. Meanwhile my wife, Dewi, was teaching the dance group of the embassy and dancing in the different events, together being able to complete each other in presenting the traditional music and dance of the South-East Asian country.

Lucian Gamelan

Gamelan orchestra in Buahan

In 2014 I relocated to Bali together with my family, after which we returned to Romania at the beginning of 2015, where we live now.

Since 2002, while I was still studying in the University of Music, I started to work for the Romanian Radio Broadcasting Company in Bucharest, at first as a reporter making interviews with classical music artists, for the classical radio station Radio Romania Muzical, which I continued until 2010, later on being employed for a short while as Musical Producer during the George Enescu International Festival 2013, where I conducted recordings of the concerts in the different locations that these took place, such as the Romanian Athenaeum or the Concert Hall “Mihail Jora” of the Romanian Radio Broadcasting Company. During the 2011 and 2013 editions of the George Enescu International Festival I also made interviews with foreign and local musicians, for the Festival’s Journal, a magazine that appeared only for the duration of the festival. Such interviews (translated in Romanian) you can see by clicking this link.

My music was performed public in concerts which took place in Europe (Romania, Switzerland, United Kingdom, France, Slovakia) and Indonesia, as well as it was broadcasted on different radio stations in Europe. Some of my pieces were included in the Contemporary Music Festival in Bucharest (SIMN), the Meridian International Festival as well as in the Yogjakarta Contemporary Music Festival in Indonesia. For my music I received some awards that you can read more about here.

I live now together with my family in Romania, where I am creating music as a freelance composer based in the Romanian capital city, Bucharest.

You can download my CV here – CV Lucian Zbarcea

You can donwload my artistic activity sheet here – Artistic Activity Lucian Zbarcea