Duet for Solo Bassoon performed at the Sutu Palace in Bucharest

My new piece, Duet for Solo Bassoon (which is actually written for bassoon and piano) was performed Thursday evening, on the 20 of September 2018 at 19.00, in the beautiful Sutu Palace from the center of Bucharest.

Maria Chifu played the bassoon and voice and Olga Podobinschi – the piano.

This piece was requested by Maria Chifu, who told me a while ago that she intends to play a new piece written by me especially for her, and that she wanted me to also include voice in the bassoon part.

While writing this piece, a very good friend of mine passed away, which is reflected in the music that was just being created.

The piece was performed for the first time ever, and was part of the concert Seducant from the 3Sound Contemporary Music Festival.

This is a video recording of the piece, please excuse the low quality, it was done with a smartphone.