Gamelan and Balinese dance workshop in Romania

On last Saturday, the 21st of October, we had a very nice workshop with gamelan and dance from the island of Bali, Indonesia. We presented the Gamelan Semar Pegulingan with 7 tones, an orchestra that we own now and it is the very first type of Balinese gamelan (with metallic keys) ever to be in Romania until now. Even though our orchestra is not complete, it contains the main instruments to be able to practice and even have performances with.

In the beginning, Dewi danced the Paradise Bird dance (Tari Cendrawasih), after which I presented some of the various types of gamelan from Bali. Following we learned a bit of the music used for the dance Bapang Selisir from Bali, on our Gamelan Semar Pegulingan which was build by Vaughan Hatch and his wife Evie, from Mekar Bhuana Conservatory in Bali. I would like to thank them for the wonderful instruments that they built for us, which sound great!
In the future we plan to acquire the remaining instruments so that our Semar Pegulingan would be complete. For the moment we lack the pot gongs that form the instrument known as Trompong and two Jegogans, plus probably some more Pemade and Kantil. More than these we should also add a pair of Kendang of the sizes that fit this gamelan, a Gentorag, a Kangsi and a Gumanak to have a complete orchestra.

At the end of the workshop Dewi teached some basic positions in Balinese dance – agem kanan, agem kiri, as well as some specific movements such as the eye movement sledet and the feet movement ngegol.

This presentation and workshop will be followed by gamelan and dance classes that will be held at the MIMA school of music and movement, situated in the middle of Bucharest, on the Grivitei 6 street.
The classes will be open for children as well as for adults, and would be held on Thursdays in the evening (for adults) and Saturdays around noon (for children).

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