Gamelan Performance at Piata Indonezia 2017

On the 13th of May 2017, at the premises of the Embassy of Indonesia in Bucharest, with the occasion of the annual event “Piata Indonezia”, I performed together with the “Game” percussion ensemble of the University of Music in Bucharest, conducted by Prof. Dr. Alexandru Matei.

We played on the Javanese Gamelan that belongs to the Embassy, an orchestra that has been in Romania for more than 40 years but was very rarely used.

This was for the firs time that we played on these instruments and I hope that there will be many other occasions in the future.

For this performance we prepared 3 pieces, one inspired by Balinese music (Medley), one by Sundanese music (Sabilulungan) and one by Romanian music (Ciuleandra). All of the pieces were performed using also contemporary music elements, braking the barrier of the traditional music.

See more about the event here