Special Mention in the International Film Music Competition – Zurich Film Festival 2016

I am very honored to announce that I received the Special Mention of the Jury in the 5th edition of the Film Music Competition that took part during the Zurich Film Festival. The jury said that my music was very courageous, that it was the most different from all of the other compositions and so that it stands out. They encouraged me to keep up the work saying that the film world needs more music like mine. My score has a lot of modern elements (extended techniques, unusual orchestrations, instrumental effects, etc.). I was overwhelmed to hear the words of the jury and I am so happy and satisfied by this result, especially because this is the first time ever I wrote any music for film! Here is a short video of the announcement.


The big winner of the competition is the Spanish composer Javier Bayon! He received the Golden Eye trophy and a check with the value of 10.000 Swiss Francs. The jury motivated their decision by saying that his music was very poetic and that it didn’t include unnecessary descriptive elements.

By far the most important part of this competition is that I had the great opportunity to work with the Tonhalle Orchestra and maestro Frank Strobel! Also, we were treated like great stars by the festival organizers, to which I am very grateful, and that all of us became great friends, including all the other finalists, which is maybe not such an usual thing for competitions.

Looking forward to the next edition of the Zurich Film Festival!


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